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The Best Sewing Machine ReviewsWelcome to our sewing machine reviews website. In our website, we will be doing reviews on different types of sewing machines to help you understand more on how each of them work.

The reason why you are here most probably is because you want to know more on a specific sewing machine before you buy.

So, let us take a look at what are the things to know when looking for a sewing machine.



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1. Sewing Machine Reviews Introduction
2. Things to Look Out For
3. Carrying Case
4. Adjustable Presser Foot
5. Our Reviews So Far


Sewing Machine Reviews Introduction

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Sewing is considered as an excellent way of saving money instead of buying garments and accessories. Through sewing, you can show off your creativity. Thus, to have a stunning piece of clothing, you need a sewing machine. This is a machine used to stitch textile and other materials together with the use of the thread.

Apart from clothes, a sewing machine is also considered as a fantastic tool that can help sew your preferred stuffs. With its great functions, a large number of people opt to get an excellent and high performing machine. Since there are various types and models of sewing machines, they find it hard in choosing the best one. So in order for you to find the best selection of sewing machines, we have created this sewing machine reviews website to help you. These product reviews discuss the different facts about the machine along with its actual rates and customers’ feedbacks. From reading reviews, you can easily know how they work.

Things to Look Out For

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A sewing machine can be very simple or complex depending on which types you are looking for. It is probably one of the largest investment that you will ever make in any of your sewing tools, so we understand that you are going to look for one that is the best suitable for you that can meet your requirements and save you lots of frustration.

You can certainly find lots of them in your local store or on the internet, but to look for a good one, you got to choose it carefully so that you can use it happily for a long time to come. A machine can range from a very cheap model to some really expensive ones depending on the features and what they can do for you.

So in this sewing machine reviews, we are going to tell you the things to look out for before you make your decision on which type of sewing machines to buy regardless whether you want to buy in your local store or online.

  • Sewing Ability
  • Ease of Use
  • Construction
  • Weight
  • Sound
  • Suitability For Your Chosen Fabric
  • Built-In Lighting
  • Explanation of Hidden Costs
  • Customer Service
  • Extra Features and Benefits

1) Sewing Ability

If you are buying a sewing machine for the first time of if you have already bought a few of them in the past, you need to know that the sewing ability of a machine is one of the most important and obvious requirements. This is because you will need one that can sew everything from your curtain, shirt, jeans and much more. This means that you need to put your needle on different types of materials including cotton, upholstery fabric, microseude, silk charmeuse, polyester fleece, heavyweight wool, satin, lycra/wool blend, silk chiffon, cotton corduroy, cotton jersey and many more.

So, you will definitely need a unit that has the ability to sew everything to save yourself time, costs and frustration.

2) Ease of Use

For even advanced users, you need to know how easy was it for you to use the sewing machine even without looking at the instruction manual. For beginners, you should also be able to easily know how to use it after reading the instruction manual.

3) Construction

A good sewing machine should have a solid construction, able to operate for you silently, has an ideal weight and also not vibrating off the table while you are sewing. Another thing to note is that it should not have parts that can snap easily with slightest touch. Additionally, make sure that the levers, hinges and buttons are strong.

4) Weight

This factor can be a bit tricky here. If you decide to use it on a specific dedicated area or planning to do a lot of sewing, you might want to consider getting one that is sturdy enough for coping with heavier fabrics. However, if you need to use it in multiple places or going for any sewing classes, getting a lighter unit can make your life easier.

5) Sound

This is common sense; of course you will want it to work silently for you when you are sewing. However, not all units are totally silent and if you can get one that produce only minimal noise, it is already quite good.

6) Suitability for Your Chosen Fabric

Most of the machines out there will have no problem taking care of those cottons and mid-weight fabrics. However if you want to go beyond that, you should be considering getting one with features that can take care of them. For example, if you want to make curtains, get a machine with a large extension table or sewing bed.

7) Built-In Lighting

A good bulit-in lighting for a machine can brighten up the area and is also able to take the pressure off your eyes if you need to sew at night.

8) Explanation of Hidden Costs

Just like some other products that you have bought, some machines that you saw offer a great range of options. These options include embroidery cards, software and some other additional attachments. So before buying, make sure you check through which of those options are included in the purchase price and which are not.

9) Customer Service

A good customer service is very important for any products. This is because if your product went wrong, the last thing you want is to spend half a day calling the support and could not get anyone in the end.

10) Extra Features and Benefits

Besides all those points listed down, there are still some other extra features and benefits that you might want to take note. We shall take a look at those features and benefits in the individual section below.

Carrying Case

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If you need to keep on brining it around from one place to another, besides choosing one that is light, you might also want to check if the machine comes with a carrying case. It is much easier to carry around with a carrying case rather than a soft cover.

Adjustable Presser Foot

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This feature allows you to control the sewing machine as well as holds the fabric in a fixed position. It also comes with various settings to prevent crumpling in fine fabrics and stretching in knits.

Our Reviews So Far

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After knowing the things to look out for when purchasing a sewing machine, you must be thinking which types or models is really the best for you. So, here are the brands that our Sewing Machine Portal website has reviewed so far:

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